PU專利安全軟式飛盤 Patent Frisbee

1. Easy to grip and catch 易握好接
2. Flies Smoothly with special design  特殊設計,飛行更平穩
3. More ways to catch with hollow design 中空設計,多種接法
4. 6 different colors,so cool,so awsome 6種不同顏色,最酷最炫
5. Outside rim won't hurt the hand web when played with one handed catch 外環單手接不傷虎口
6. Absolutely fun and much safer to play even when hit in the face 絶對好玩,打到臉相對安全
7. Exclusive Patent 獨家專利
8. Size: 22.5*22.5*3cm 尺寸: 22.5*22.5*3公分
9. SKU: 9017(neon red螢紅)/ 9024(neon orange螢橙)/ 9031(neon yellow螢黃)/ 9048(neon green螢綠)/ 9055(red紅)/ 9062(blue藍)

PU籃球 PU Foam Basketball

1.Specially designed for preschooler to shoot the hoop indoors
2.Can be used to train toddlers to catch&throw
3.Color: 4 Neon colors- Neon red, Neon orange, Neon yellow, Neon green.
              Blue, Red and Black
              - So cool and so awsome
   螢光四色, 最酷最炫
   低調紅, 藍, 黑
4.Logo could be customized
5.Size: 15cm/19cm(diameter)
   尺寸: 15公分/19公分(直徑)
6. SKU: 15cm公分- 7112(neon red螢紅)/7129(neon orange螢橙)/7136(neon yellow螢黃)/7143(neon green螢綠)/7150(red紅)/7167(blue藍)/7174(black黑)
             19cm公分- 7679

PU足球 PU Foam Soccer Ball

1. PU發泡材質,柔軟,不易受傷  
    PU foam material- soft(not easily get hurt)      
2. 好控球,好傳,好踢
    Easy control, pass and shoot
3. 色彩鮮艷,多種選擇- 螢光4色 & 紅 & 藍 & 黑
    In many colors- 4 neon colors & red & blue & black 
4. 尺寸: 15公分(直徑) / 19公分(直徑)
    Size: 15cm(diameter) / 19cm(diameter)
5. SKU: 15公分cm- 7419(螢紅neon red)/ 7426(螢橙neon orange)/ 7433(螢黃neon yellow)/ 7143(螢綠neon green)/ 7457(紅red)/ 7464(藍blue)/ 7471(黑black)
              19公分cm- 7570

PU橄欖 PU Foam Football

1. Fit for school PE or physical fitness class
   適合學校體育 or 體適能課程
2. Overhauls the image of playing rugby, effectively reduces sports
3. Can be played indoors and doesn't break the window under normal use
4. No need to pump, not to worry about air leaks
5. Designed with 2 colors - Demand attention
6. Color: Red, Yellow, Blue
   顏色: 紅, 藍, 黃
7. Size: 9-inch/ 6-inch
  尺寸: 9吋/ 6吋
8. SKU: 7297(9-inch吋)/2698(6-inch吋)

樂樂棒球 Jumbo Baseball / Softball- 9公分cm- 3入pcs



1. PU發泡材質,柔軟,不易受傷    
    PU foam material- soft(not easily get hurt)
2. 9公分大小搭配胖胖棒,剛剛好
    A 9cm size ball is suitable for a fat bat       
3. 高彈樂樂棒球- 比一般樂樂球硬,彈性更高,日本少年職棒隊用此款練習
    High Bouncing Jumbo Soft Baseball- Harder than ordinary jumbo soft baseballs, More Elastic, Japanese Children's Professional Baseball Team's practice ball
4. 多種鮮豔顏色,以3入販售: 高彈- 紅+螢黃+螢綠& 藍+螢紅+螢橙
                                            低彈- 螢橙*3
    Each set  has 3 pieces: High Bouncing- red+neon yellow+neon green & blue+neon red+neon orange
                                         Low Bouncing- neon orange*3
5. SKU: 3916(高彈high bouncing)/ 3909(低彈low bouncing) 

迷你籃球 Mini Basketball- 7公分cm- 4入pcs

1. PU發泡材質柔軟,安全不易受傷PU foam material- soft( not easily get hurt )
2. 表面特殊顆粒設計-既好看又好拿Special granule surface design- good look and easy control
3. 7公分(直徑)小尺寸更多玩法,更好玩Small size(7cm)- more play ways, more fun
4. 多種顏色- 螢光四色 & 橙+紅+藍+黑 In many colors- 4 neon colors & orange+red+blue+black
5. SKU: 4777

迷你足球 Mini Soccer Ball- 7公分cm- 4入pcs

1. 迷你尺寸7CM(直徑)更多玩法,更好玩
    Small size(7cm)- more play ways, more fun
2. PU發泡材質,柔軟,不易受傷
    PU foam material- soft( not easily get hurt )
3. 色彩鮮艷,2組選擇(紅+藍+黑+白、螢紅+螢橙+螢黃+螢綠)
    In many colors, 2 set choices(red+blue+black+white/ neon red+neon orange+neon yellow+ neon green)
4. SKU: 4784

棒球 Baseball- 7公分cm- 4入pcs

1. PU foam material- soft( not easily get hurt ) 
2. Easy control, easy throw, easy catch
3. Size - 7cm(diameter)
    尺寸- 7公分(直徑)
4. In many colors(there are five set choices, and each set has four pieces)
    - 4 neon colors & 4 white & 4 black & 4 red & 4 blue
    - 螢光四色 & 4白 & 4黑 & 4紅 &4藍
6. SKU- 4791(螢光四色4 neon colors)/ 4708(4白white/黑black/紅red/藍blue)

健康指握器 Hand Exerciser

1. 特殊造型設計,讓你每根手指頭皆能訓練到
    Special design- make each finger be trained
2. 可以幫助手指頭及手部復健,促進血液循環
    Help hand and finger rehabilitation
3. 一組有2入(紅&藍)
    One set with 2 pcs( red & blue )
4. 尺寸: 10公分
    Size: 10cm



1.Fun to play as you would with the traditional yoyo
2.Can be used as a stress ball when you try to relax
3. Ideal for school kids & the whole family while watching TV
4.Logo can be imprinted and used as a corporate gift or trade fair
   giveaway, a popular promotion item
5. Size: 7cm(diameter)
    尺寸: 7公分(直徑)
6. SKU: 0700

益智方塊-注音/字母 Educational Cube- Mandarin Phonetic Symbols/English Alphabet

1. ABC 26個字母+0-9阿拉伯數字 - 可學習認識單字,還可以當積木玩
    English 26 alphabets+0-9 numbers - Learn English words or as playing bricks
2. ㄅㄆㄇ注音符號+四聲符號 - 可學習認識拼音,還可以當積木玩
    ㄅㄆㄇMandarin Phonetic Symbols - Learn pronouncing Mandarin or as playing bricks
3. 顏色: 螢光四色 & 紅 & 藍 Color: 4 Neon Colors & Red & Blue
4. 尺寸: 8*8*8公分 Size: 8*8*8cm
5. SKU:6665(字母Enlish Alphabet)/6764(注音Mandarin Phonetic Symbols)

骰子 PU Foam Dice

1. The best partner in many board games, parties, educational games, and so on
2. Customised logo,graphics,texts,numbers can be printed
   on 6 different faces
3. Color: 4 Neon color / Red / Blue / Yellow / Green
   顏色: 螢光4色 & 紅 / 藍 / 黃 / 綠
4. Size: 15*15*15cm / 8*8*8cm
    尺寸: 15*15*15公分 / 8*8*8公分
5. SKU: 6504(15cm公分)/ 6887(8cm公分3入pcs)/ 6801(8cm公分1入pc)



24吋/27吋球棒組 24-inch/ 27-inch Baseball Bat & Ball Set

1. 27吋球棒組- (1) 一組含一隻27吋紅色或藍色球棒及三顆7公分(直徑)同色棒球
    27-inch baseball bat & ball set- (1)Include one red or blue 27-inch bat and three 7cm(diameter) baseballs( each ball is in the same color )        
                        (2) 棒球顏色有白、黑,隨機出貨
                        (2)Baseballs are in white and black( the colors are picked randomly )
2. 24吋球棒組- 一組含一隻24吋紅色或藍色球棒及4顆7公分(直徑)螢光四色棒球
    24-inch baseball bat & ball set- Include one red or blue 24-inch bat and four 7cm(diameter) balls (neon red+ neon orange+ neon yellow+ neon green)
3. SKU: 8775(27-inch)/ 8744(24-inch)

24吋胖棒球組 24-inch Jumbo Baseball Bat&Ball Set

1. A 9cm ball is suitable for a fat bat 樂樂球9公分大小搭配胖胖棒,剛剛好
2. Include one red or blue 24-inch fat bat and three 9cm(diameter) low bouncing balls(neon orange) 一組含一隻24吋紅色或藍色胖胖棒及三顆9公分(直徑)低彈樂樂球(螢橙)
3. SKU: 8942

24吋胖棒球組(泡殼裝) 24-inch Jumbo Baseball Bat&Ball Set(Blister package)


1. 材質柔軟,不怕打破窗戶 soft to the touch, with no fear of breaking a window
2. 室內可玩,不怕下雨天can be played indoors, with no fear of rainy days
3. 不只可訓練手與眼的協調反應, 更可以安全地訓練及學習打擊技巧 
   A great tool to help not only develop the coordination between hands and eyes but also learn and practice ball-hitting skills safely and easily.
4. 擊球座高度可伸縮, 60~98公分, 底為45*45公分
    The height of the t-base is adjustable- 60~98cm, the bottom- 45*45cm
5. 備有補充包隨貨販賣,不怕買不到球
   Replacement balls availabe and can be bought seperately from the T-ball set
6.尺寸 & 顏色: 胖胖球棒- 24吋(紅/藍); 樂樂球- 9公分(直徑)(螢光四色&紅&藍)
   Size & Color: Fat Bat- 24-inch(red/blue); Jumbo soft low bouncing baseball- 9cm(diameter)(4 neon colors & red & blue)
7. SKU: 8966